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The Schimmelmuseum 1992-2004

At the end of the 1980s the idea arises to give the collection its own home. This is the birth of the Dieter Roth museum. The collector acquires a former coach house on some property near the outer lake Alster in Hamburg. The coach house has been abandoned for quite some time and looks quite run down. The original idea is to tear it down and replace it entirely.

But when Roth sees the old, somewhat mouldy building he chooses to use its state and stages his idea of a museum within its worn, damp walls. The subsequent installation coming to life fills two entire floors displaying his concept of transient art which he developed between 1964 and 1971.

eingang Visit the Schimmelmuseum in a virtual walk on your computer screen. You will be missing the characteristic smell or the sensation of the soles of your shoes getting stuck on the floor but this way you get a first impression of the whole installation.

Click on the entrance door to start the virtual walk.

For viewing the virtual walk Quicktime is required.